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 When trading "Violentangel" I lost 1 bcp and 1 bt

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PostSubject: When trading "Violentangel" I lost 1 bcp and 1 bt   Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:27 am

The person named "Violentangel" was trading me as he was buying full bandos (bandos chestplate and bandos tassets). I refused his offer so I tried to decline the trade but there was being lag for the past 3 hours so I timed out and could not get out of the trade screen. When I logged back in I just saw "Violentangel" logging out and my bandos was dissapeared! He probably exploited this bug and has now my bandos chestplate and my bandos tassets. I kindly demand to give me my stuff back or I would like to ask the mods to ban him for exploiting a bug. There have been multiple cases of this bug and I am not sure if Violentangel has the bandos stuff now, but I would like to have it back as I was just going to donate to the server and I'm seriously considering to quit after being a victim of bug abuse.

Kind regards,


EDIT: I have an important edit to make:

I have spoken to Violentangel and he too confirms he has lost his offer!
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When trading "Violentangel" I lost 1 bcp and 1 bt
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